Working With the Analytics Tab

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The Analytics tab is where you can perform analysis in PMF. This tab hosts the Strategy Map and Analysis Designer, as well as a set of standard dimension and perspective views.

To run the views on the Analytics tab, select a type of view from the Type drop-down menu and select a specific view from the View drop-down menu, then click Run to display the results. The following are just some of the available views:

For more information about the Analysis Designer, including information about the Metrics Analysis and Metrics Grid views, see Using the Analysis Designer.

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Drilling to Atomic Measures

You can drill down from any high-level measure in the Objective column of a PMF view to the next level in the dimension hierarchy, and continue moving down until you reach the lowest atomic measure for that objective. From the lowest atomic measure, dimensional cross-drills are built into the summary row titles.

The dimensional cross-drills follow the same logic used in PMF Analysis Designer views. For any metric, in any dimension, you can perform research by drilling up and down the dimension hierarchy to verify totals, extract information, and determine the root cause of any issue.