PMF Overview

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PMF is a WebFOCUS application that allows your enterprise to track and store metrics, aggregate these metrics into scorecards to clearly evaluate your enterprise goals, and track projects and initiatives across your enterprise. It also provides tools to help you keep the metrics updated with current data. PMF metrics are multi-dimensional, to let you track your progress and see how your work integrates with overall enterprise strategy. PMF is a standard WebFOCUS application that runs on a WebFOCUS Reporting Server. It takes advantage of many of the capabilities of WebFOCUS.

PMF has a full suite of views that allows analysis of your organization metrics, with or without a strategic component. PMF metrics are multi-dimensional, giving you many ways to slice and dice your metrics. PMF also has structured ad hoc tools and full ad hoc capability to let you design information presentation in millions of ways. PMF data is easy to integrate with all financial, process, and operational data in your enterprise.

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Procedure: How to Log On to PMF

Note: This procedure describes how to access the default PMF logon window. Depending on your configuration, your logon window or other means of accessing PMF might be different.

  1. Navigate to the following URL to launch PMF



    Is the name provided by your administrator.

    A Performance Management Framework logon panel opens.

  2. Type your user ID and password and click Logon.

    When you first log on, the Today tab is the active tab. For details about the Today tab, see Today Tab. Another tab that is available is the Analytics tab. See Working With the Analytics Tab.

    Note: Your login panel might be different, or your logon might be “single sign on”, which means you log on automatically.

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Changing Dashboard Gadgets and Preferences

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PMF displays gadgets and stores dashboards for each user. You can use either the Unlock the Dashboard button or the Preferences button in the upper-right corner of the Today tab to change the type of view displayed on your dashboard. You can also set up or modify personal information that applies to your PMF session.

For consumers and analysts, a separate Preferences button exists for each of the gadgets displayed on a dashboard. These gadgets display performance trend data that you can monitor daily. Each gadget has a Preferences button that enables you to change the values being used to display the data for that gadget. Each gadget has the following three icons you can select:

Note: These three icons are removed from view when you click anywhere outside the action block.

Procedure: How to Change the Display of Your Dashboard
  1. From your Today tab, click the Unlock the Dashboard icon located in the upper-right corner of the page.

    The Today Page drop-down menu appears to the left of the cluster of icons, as shown in the following image.

    The Unlock the Dashboard icon is replaced by the following five icons:

    • Save your current Today Page preference icon
    • Add to Mobile Favorites icon
    • Create a new Today Page icon
    • Edit the current selected Today Page icon
    • Lock the Dashboard icon

    Note: Clicking the Save preferences or Lock the Dashboard icons replaces them with the unlock dashboard icon and hides the Today Page drop-down menu.

    The Edit Today page icon is only available if you have Administrator rights.

  2. Select a different dashboard view from the Today Page drop-down menu.

    The previous view of your dashboard is replaced with the selected view.

  3. Do one of the following:
    • To save the selected dashboard view, click the Save your current Today Page preference icon.
    • To create a new Today Page, click the Create a new Today page icon
    • To edit the dashboard, click the Edit the current selected Today Page icon.
    • To keep the view, but not save it, click the Lock the Dashboard icon.
    • To restore the previous view, click the Refresh content icon.

Procedure: How to Change Your Personal Preferences
  1. From your Today tab, click the Preferences icon.

    The following image shows the Change Preferences panel that opens, with sample values in the fields.

  2. Review and modify the fields in the panel as described in the following table.



    Owner Id

    ID of the person currently logged on. You cannot change the value in this field.

    First Name

    First name of the person associated with the Owner Id.

    Last Name

    Last name of the person associated with the Owner Id.

    Your Email

    Email address of the person associated with the Owner Id, used when Alerts are fired.

    Today Page

    Type of dashboard view displayed from the Today tab by default. You can change the view by selecting a different one from a catalog of personalized dashboards using the Today Page drop-down menu. You can click the Preview button to see what this view looks like.

    You can also change this option quickly by unlocking the Ribbon. See How to Change the Display of Your Dashboard.

    Convert Units

    If an administrator has created multiple conversion profiles, you can select a different profile (than the one assigned to you) using the Convert Units drop-down menu. Selecting a different profile converts and refreshes the metrics displayed in your views. Click the Change button to apply a selected conversion profile.

    Note: An administrator can also disable conversions.

  3. After you make your changes, click Save.

    Note: You can click Change to save your new preferences for the current session. The previous settings will be restored once the current session is over.

  4. Click the Refresh content icon to make your changes effective.

Procedure: How to Change Your Gadget Preferences
  1. Select any of the gadgets displayed on your dashboard, then click the My Preferences for this Gadget icon in the upper-right corner of the gadget.

    The following image shows the Gadget Preferences panel that opens, with the current selection values in the drop-down menus.

    Gadget Preferences

  2. To change values, use the drop-down menu next to the preference setting you want to change.

    Depending on how the selected gadget was designed, you can change preferences using any of the available drop-down menus, which can include Groupings, Levels, and one or more Filters.

  3. As you make changes, you can click Preview to redisplay the graph gadget.

    Before you save your changes, you can click Revert to restore the previous settings or Close to exit the Preferences panel.

  4. Click Save to retain your changes.

    After saving your changes, the next time you refresh the page, or log out and log back in to PMF, the gadget you modified displays your changed preferences.

    You can click the Refresh content icon in the upper-right corner of the graph gadget to view your changes now.