Designing a Dashboard

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A dashboard combines one or more gadgets placed together on a single interface that users can access as a PMF dashboard page.

The PMF design-time dashboard interface is called Dashboard Designer. Dashboard Designer enables you to add gadgets to a design canvas and preview them in run-time mode, to create a presentation-ready page for your users. For more information on how to use the Dashboard Designer, see Dashboard Designer.

If you enable Broadcast for a dashboard, run-time changes that a user makes to one gadget on the dashboard are applied to multiple gadgets on the dashboard. As an administrator, you can add a gadget to, or remove a gadget from, a Broadcast group with a few clicks of your mouse. For more information on Broadcast, see What is Broadcast?.

The following image shows a sample dashboard in Dashboard Designer.

Dashboard Designer

For information on Private Dashboards, see Working with Private Dashboards.

Designing a Dashboard for Mobile Content

PMF automatically adapts any content designed for a PC-based browser system to work on any iOS device. No extra steps need to be taken when designing a dashboard.