Adding, Changing, Deleting, and Importing Users (Owners)

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You can add individual users who need access to PMF to your system by adding a new owner record for each user. Owner records can be changed or deleted, as needed. You can also import users from the WebFOCUS Managed Reporting/Centralized User Services (MR/CUS) environment directly into PMF as owners.

Procedure: How to Add a New Owner

  1. In the Manage page, click the Owners panel button.
  2. Click New.

    The New Owner panel opens, as shown in the following image.

    New Owner panel
  3. Specify values for all necessary fields. For more information about these fields, see Fields in the New Owner Form.
  4. Click Save when you have finished typing information into the appropriate fields. The tree refreshes to show the new owner.

Reference: Fields in the Owner Panels

The following table lists and describes the fields in the New Owner and Edit Owner panels.



Owner Id

Sign-in ID for the user to enter on the sign-in page. Read-only in the Edit Owner panel (after a new owner record has been saved).

First Name

First name for the owner. The maximum number of characters is 20.

Last Name

Last name for the owner. This is the field that appears in the tree, by default. The maximum number of characters is 30.

Owner Email

Used for alerts and other notifications.

Default Scorecard

Select a scorecard that will serve as the default to display on the owner Today page.

Functional Role

Roles determine system-level access to program functions for this owner. Select a default role value (Admin with Access Security, Administrator, Analyst, Author, Consumer, or Planner). You can also create new roles in the Functional Roles panel. For more information, see Working With Functional Roles.

Today Page

Select a default Today page.

Units Conversion Class

Choose a conversion profile to recalculate measure actuals and targets (available only if created by the Administrator).

Procedure: How to Change an Owner Record

  1. To change an existing owner record, navigate to the Owners tree and click the owner you want to change.

    The Edit Owner panel displays for that owner.

  2. Make the changes you want and click Save when you have finished.

    Note that the Last Name and First Name fields appear in the tree. If you edit these fields, click the Refresh content icon Refresh content icon to see the updated name in the Owners tree.

Procedure: How to Delete an Owner Record

  1. To delete an existing Owner record, navigate to the Owners tree and click the owner you want to delete.
  2. In the Edit Owner panel that opens, click the Delete button. PMF asks you to confirm your deletion.
  3. Click OK to confirm.

Note: If you are using a security system, the owner record will not lock the user out of other web systems you might be using. PMF will have no authorization for the user, and the user will not be able to access PMF data or views.

Importing Users (Owners)

How to:

To simplify coordinating PMF with your WebFOCUS installation, you can import users from the WebFOCUS Managed Reporting/Centralized User Services (MR/CUS) environment directly into PMF as owners. This gives you the ability to import all PMF-flagged users from your LDAP or Active Directory repositories, and easily integrate PMF with your single-source security environments.

PMF can synchronize users between the WebFOCUS MR/CUS repository and the PMF Owners authorization table. If CUT is configured for Realm Driver, this capability enables PMF to import Owners from repositories, such as active directory and LDAP. Synchronizing users analyzes data in your user repository, compares users with PMF domain access to the list of current owners configured in PMF, and enables you to add all users at once, setting up the most necessary parameters for each.

The process of synchronizing users automatically detects the following:

Procedure: How to Import Users From MR/CUS to PMF

  1. Optionally, you can set up new PMF users in the MR/CUS User Administration tool.

    Make sure each new user has been added to a standard PMF Group, such as Consumers, Analysts, or Administrators, or a custom PMF Group that has been granted primary access to the Performance Management Framework MRE Domain.

  2. In the Manage page, click the Owners panel button.

    The Owners panel opens.

  3. Click the Sync button.

    PMF displays the Synchronize Users panel.

    The Synchronize Users panel displays the following next to each user in the Owner column:

    • Green plus sign. User is already a PMF Owner.
    • Check box. User is enabled as a Managed Reporting user, has access to the Performance Management Framework MRE domain, but needs to be imported into PMF to become a PMF Owner, which is done by selecting the check box next to that user.
    • Red minus Sign. User is in the Owners table, but needs to have access setup in the Performance Management Framework MRE domain.

    Note: The Synchronize Users panel can also be used to check the health and status of your basic authorization security in PMF.

  4. You can specify a different default Scorecard for each user by selecting the desired scorecard from the Scorecard drop-down menu.
  5. Select the check boxes for each user you want to import.
  6. For each selected check box, select a value in the Role drop-down menu or use the default role already displayed.

    Note: By default, PMF uses the current primary Group in the user repository to display the (Functional) Role for each user.

  7. Click Synchronize to synchronize the two systems.