Linking Projects and Processes to Objectives in the Strategy Map

How to:

You can link projects and processes to objectives using the PMF Strategy Map, which displays all of the objectives for a selected scorecard. Since objectives represent goals, linking projects and processes to your goals is a valuable analytical process.

If a project is linked to an objective, the Strategy Map displays a Project Project icon icon above the objective.

Project icon in Strategy Map

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Procedure: How to Link Projects and Processes to Objectives in the Strategy Map
  1. On the Strategy subtab, to display all of the objectives for a scorecard in the right pane, select the desired scorecard using the drop-down menu above Perspectives.
  2. Expand either the Projects or Processes tree.
  3. Click a desired project or process. It appears in the upper-left corner of the Strategy Map.
  4. Click the objective you want to link to the desired project or process. The halo around the objective changes to green to indicate the project or process.

    The following image shows the Customer claims down objective linked to the Warehouse Reorganization project.

    Strategy map

    To unlink any objective already linked with a project or process, click that objective. The halo changes to the background color to indicate that the project or process is no longer linked.

  5. Click Save to save the Strategy Map.

    Refresh the contents of the map to see the Project icon for the objective.

  6. To display the objectives currently linked with your project or process, go to the Analytics tab, run the Executive Booklet, and click the Projects or Processes link. For more information, see Performance Management Framework User.