Administrators: Hiding Content From Users

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There are times when you need to hide specific content from all users. For example:

The Edit Content Access panel enables you to restrict all users from accessing specific views and dashboards. For a selected content (launch) page, deselect all view categories to hide the content from all users. For more information about using the Edit Content Access panel, see How to Add Existing Content to Analytics Tab Categories.

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Analytics Tab

You can easily limit the views your users see and hide content so that they are not presented to your users at will.

The Analytics tab displays a list of categories for PMF views and linked Content (for example, web or operational reports). If a category is empty (for example, there are no Content items for that category, probably because items have been removed from that category), PMF will not display the category.

Tip: Because of this change, if you save your first report in Analysis Designer, you will need to refresh the Analytics tab to display the Saved Reports category.