Designing Dimension Loads


The Manage tab provides access to the dimensions loaders. These tools are fully integrated into your Administration view. As you load data, you can immediately test new dimensions and measures you have loaded.

Using the loaders, you can do the following:

Data loads control all source data used for analysis and aggregation in PMF. When you design loads, you are designing data loads for each measure in the database, and also for the dimensions used to slice and dice the data.

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Reference: Sample Data From Source Tables

In the Dimension Loader and Measure Loader, the Sample Data button enables you to view data from any of your source tables. Viewing source table data is useful for determining which fields to use when designing data loads for your measures and dimensions.

To view sample data, select the desired source table data from the Source Table drop-down menu, then click the Sample Data Sample Data button button.

Sample Data is displayed in a new browser window, as shown in the following image.

Sample Data

Tip: To avoid connection errors when designing a load, you can use the Sample Data button to test the selected data source to make sure it has been set up correctly.