PMF Tabs - Quick Reference for Authors

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The Author and Strategy subtabs provide authors with all the capabilities you need to author PMF applications.

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Author Tab


The Author tab allows staff members that have authoring responsibilities to add, edit, and delete information for scorecards, measures (loaded, user-entered), objectives, risks, projects, and processes. It also provides two wizards to streamline the creation of scorecards and measures.

The left pane of the Author tab contains a drop-down menu at the top for selecting the desired scorecard, and a series of panel buttons below for selecting and modifying components associated with that scorecard.

Reference: Navigating Through Objectives and Measures Within Scorecards

Use the following methods to access components in the Author tab:

  1. Use the panel buttons in the left pane of the Author tab to select a desired component.
  2. Use the Scorecard tree structure that descends through the components of a scorecard. In the case of the CenturyCorp Card scorecard, you can expand the tree structure to navigate through, or select, Perspectives or Themes, and then navigate through, or select, Objectives, which contain Measures, Projects, and Processes you can select.

    The following navigational aides will help you in the scorecard tree:

    • To expand or collapse portions of a scorecard tree structure, click a plus or minus sign to the left of a folder (or select an open or closed folder icon).
    • To access the proper form to edit or create a component, select an item within the Perspectives, Themes, Objectives, Measures, Projects, or Processes folders.

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Strategy Subtab

The Strategy subtab allows you to build Strategy Maps, and drag and drop graphics on the map.

Strategy Map

For consumers and analysts, the Strategy Map is read-only. For authors, the Strategy Map can be read/write if it has been set up that way by your administrator.

The read-only Strategy Map displays indicators that show the performance of metrics linked to the objectives displayed. The Strategy Map layout shows the relationship between objectives for your operational area of the enterprise. The indicators show an aggregate overall performance of the metrics you own for each of your objectives. The links between objectives for your enterprise represent your enterprise strategy. Larger arrows correspond to more important strategies. The size of the arrow does not affect how it is reported, but is meant as a visual cue only.

For a step-by-step tutorial on using the Strategy Map, see How to Draw the Strategy Map.