Scorecard-Specific Data Access Security

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For each scorecard in PMF, you can set scorecard-specific data access security by changing the default dimensional levels of measure data to which the scorecard has access. Granting users access to view a particular scorecard automatically allows them to view its measures dimensionally as appropriate for that scorecard. Note that you can either define access to levels of dimensionality by owner or set scorecard-specific data access. Using one method overrides the other. For more information about owner-based data access, see Setting Measure Access for Users (Owners).

Before you can set scorecard-specific data access security, you must change Access Security in the Security form on the Settings menu to S (Scorecard) from the default of O (Off). Setting scorecard-specific data access provides each owner, who has read access or higher for a scorecard, access to all of the measure values at the dimensional levels that the scorecard is set to access.

Note: If a particular measure has row-level security turned off, it will not be filtered for scorecard-specific data access. For more information, see Excluding a Measure Series From Access Security.

Scorecard-specific data access security overrides global access security, which determines access to dimensional levels by owner instead of scorecard.

Note: Global (owner-based) data access security is set by changing Access Security to G (Global) in the Security form on the Settings menu.

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Procedure: How to Set Scorecard-Specific Data Access Security

Verify that the Access Security setting in the Security form on the Settings menu is set to S (Scorecard).

  1. In the Author tab, click the Scorecards panel button.
  2. Select the Scorecard you want to change.

    The Edit Scorecard form opens, as shown in the following image.

    Edit Scorecard

  3. In the Access Security list, click Scorecard Limited.
  4. Click Save.

    The Access Security button appears in the form.

  5. Click the Access Security button.

    The Edit Scorecard Access form appears.

    Edit scorecard access

  6. Using each of the available dimensional drop-down menus, select the desired dimension limits for the scorecard.
  7. Click Save to save the changes.