Inputting User-Entered Measures

How to:

This will be depreciated in a future release.

User-entered measures enable users to type in actual or target data values for their measures. Before users can input user-entered measures, the measures must be created in the Author tab and access should be set in the Manage tab to allow users to input user-entered actual or target values.

When you log on to PMF, the Alerts panel appears by default in the upper-right corner of the Today tab. Since this panel is a portable component, it can be placed anywhere on the PMF dashboard by an administrator.

Note: Measure Entry allows you to activate Quick entry to make entering values easier for your users, especially if values repeat from row to row within Measures Entry. The Quick Entry capability works similarly to the Excel Auto-Fill feature. As users type and advance the cursor from line to line, the values from the line above are automatically brought down and fills in each cell. Users need to type only if their values differ from those copied down.

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Procedure: How to Input User-Entered Measures
  1. From the Today tab, select Measures to Input from the drop-down menu in the Action block.

    The user-entered measures that are available to you display below the drop-down menu.

    user-entered measures

  2. Click the desired measure to input values.

    The data entry form displays for the selected measure.

    Data entry form

  3. Enter values in any or all of the input fields available to you on the form.

    As you enter values in each field, the data is automatically calculated, displayed on the form, entered into the PMF data mart, and instantly available from all views. PMF keeps track of all input and allows you to pause from entering data now and resumes entering data later. All work is automatically saved for you.