Administrators: Styling the Look and Feel of PMF

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PMF supports a central style sheet model for all aspects of views, reports, and the application User Interface. Using the Look panel, you can use global settings to allow all views, gadgets, and charts to be formatted as you desire. The global settings allow you to select:

You can set up styling defaults, and if you have customized PMF styling by creating customized style sheets or chart styling settings, you can:

PMF includes chart and graph styles that allow you to automatically select a look for every chart and graph in the system (all content that maps to a WebFOCUS graph from PMF content). All charts in the system are written to allow template styling. You can also define custom charting color schemes.

Note: For more information on the default settings you can view and change on the Look panel, see Look Settings.

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Changing the PMF Look Using Styling and Skins

A section of the Look settings control the look and style of the user interface through different indicators, HTML style sheets, graph palettes, and WebFOCUS style sheet settings.

In coordination with these look options, a series of artist rendered skins have been included. These skins provide a stylized combination of colors, fonts, indicators, palettes, and designs that together produce a distinctive look. These skins also include coordinated WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Portal templates that are installed with PMF.

PMF skins

You can create new skins to follow any corporate standards without adversely affecting the operation of PMF.