Configuring PMF to Communicate With ReportCaster

How to:


The loader functionality in WebFOCUS PMF has the ability to schedule load jobs using WebFOCUS ReportCaster. PMF also lists existing ReportCaster schedules on the Manage tab.

If you do not have the proper adapter connection to ReportCaster, PMF will be unable to display schedules and will instead display an error when you try to access the Manage tab. For an example of the error, see Loader Page Error Example.

Procedure: How to Configure a ReportCaster Adapter Connection for PMF

To get PMF connected and able to see ReportCaster schedules, you need to set up a connection in your WebFOCUS adapters. The adapter used depends on where your ReportCaster repository has been set up. The following example is typical for Microsoft SQL Server.

  1. Go to your WebFOCUS Reporting Server Console, which is typically opened by navigating to port 8121 on your WebFOCUS server using the web. To do so, type hostname:8121 into the address bar of your web browser, where hostname is the machine where the WebFOCUS Client is installed.
  2. Click Adapters. The WebFOCUS Reporting Server Console displays the Data Adapters screen.
  3. Find the data adapter where you have configured the ReportCaster repository. The adapter might have already been configured, or you might have to create a new adapter. If the adapter was already configured, right-click the folder for the adapter and click Add Connection. If the adapter needs to be added, find it in the Available folder, right-click the adapter, and click Configure.
  4. Name the connection reportcaster. Configure it for the server and set up the correct security options for your RDBMS.
  5. Test your connection.
  6. Click Configure to complete the operation. If the Manage tab is working correctly, it should look similar to the following image.
    Manage tab

Reference: Loader Page Error Example

If you do not configure WebFOCUS with an adapter connection to ReportCaster, the PMF Schedules panel in the Manage tab will either hang or display an error, similar to the following image.

Tab error

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