Technical Content Overview

The following technical content is available to help familiarize you with WebFOCUS App Studio. Each component is described briefly below. In some cases, where applicable, a link to the relevant content is provided.

  • The WebFOCUS New Features manual highlights new functionality that is available in WebFOCUS and App Studio.
  • The Installation and Configuration Guide introduces WebFOCUS App Studio and explains the different installations users can perform. After installing App Studio, users can refer to this document for additional configuration and troubleshooting tips.
  • The primary audience for the Getting Started manual is the new user. The Getting Started manual describes the WebFOCUS/App Studio architecture and provides a basic understanding of the product so you can begin to develop applications.
  • The Reference Guide organizes the App Studio online Help system into a readable PDF format that you can print.
  • The Introductory Video identifies the main interface components and demonstrates how you can access them in the product.
  • The Quick Reference Guide identifies and explains the key components you need to begin creating your content.
  • A context-sensitive Help system is accessible throughout App Studio. This content is designed to be your primary reference as you navigate through the product. App Studio incorporates the Help-to-doc model of information design. This means that content is written in a topic-based format, and then made accessible through context-sensitive points in the interface.

Like the product, these components continue to evolve. We are excited to receive your feedback, and reflect your experiences in subsequent releases. Please take a few moments to answer the questions on our App Studio Technical Content Feedback page.

If you would like to participate in any App Studio usability studies, please contact Josephine Moscato.