OLAP Adapters

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This section provides detailed descriptions of new features for OLAP adapters.

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Adapter for Essbase

Two-tier connection support has been implemented for the Adapter for Essbase version 11.1.2 and higher. Since these Essbase versions require Application Manager or higher privileges in order to be able to read the outline while reporting from a cube, a user without those privileges can generate a report or create a synonym by referencing another connection whose user ID has the required privileges.

On the Web Console, you enter the connection name that has the required privileges in the Outline Access entry field.

In the following sample SET CONNECTION_ATTRIBUTES commands, CON1 has privileges for accessing the outline and CON2 does not, so it references CON1 as the connection with outline access privileges:


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Adapter for SAP BW Connection Parameters for Secure Network Communication

Two configuration parameters have been added for SAP BW adapters to support Secure Network Communication (SECURITY_MODE=SNC).

No default values are provided, and the entries are not verified. The values determine the RFC connection strings that are passed to SAP R/3 or SAP BW. The parameters are:


Indicates the level of protection.


Indicates the SNC name of the initiator, as in own_snc_name.

Adapter for SAP BW NetWeaver 7.x/Hana MDX Unicode

The Adapter for SAP BW NetWeaver 7.x/Hana MDX Unicode has been introduced in this release and is available as a named adapter on the Web Console in the OLAP/SAP folder. The adapter supports SAP BW NetWeaver 7.3 powered by the HANA database, HANA optimized infocubes, and SAP HANA optimized Data Store objects.

The minimum required release is SAP BW maintenance release 731 level 6 (SAPKW73106). See SAP Note 1769670 for the latest fixes and enhancements for SAP BW powered by HANA.

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Adapter for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

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Certification is complete for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) 2014.

Exposing Member Unique Names for Standard Hierarchies

The Web Console screen to create a synonym for SSAS data sources has a button labeled Create Fields for Member Unique Names. Clicking this button adds the UNIQUEIDS INCLUDE syntax to the CREATE SYNONYM command. These names are now also generated using the "7X" style (0x0003), as this style yields shorter unique names and, according to MS SSAS documentation, they are "guaranteed unique names, which are stable over time."

Adapter for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services Unicode Support

Support has been implemented for Unicode (UTF-8) code page 65001 for the SSAS adapter.