ERP Adapters

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This section describes new features for ERP adapters.

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Adapter for Axiom EPM

The Adapter for Axiom EPM has been introduced in this release and is available as a named adapter on the Web Console in the ERP folder.

The adapter provides data access for reporting from the following Axiom EPM Table Types: Data, Reference, and DocumentBasedReferenced. The adapter fully enforces Axiom EPM security.

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Adapter for SAP/R3 Setting Execution Mode

From the Change Settings page for SAP, you can select Online or Batch from the Execution mode drop-down menu.

Online is the default, which sets the Adapter for SAP/R3 to dialog processing mode. The report is executed online and subject to the Application Server idle timeout limits.

Batch sets the Adapter for SAP/R3 to batch processing mode. Use this option in cases where a WebFOCUS report requires longer processing time than the default set for dialog/online processing mode.