The App Studio Paradigm and Terminology

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App Studio is the new WebFOCUS desktop development environment that you can use to create reports, charts, HTML pages, documents, and much more. Building on the industry-familiar Microsoft Office® ribbon interface, App Studio offers a simplified user experience and workflow, allowing developers to create application content immediately, without a costly and time-consuming learning curve. Additionally, it dramatically increases development efficiency by eliminating the need for developers to utilize multiple tools to piece together an application.

App Studio uses panels, canvases, and a ribbon to eliminate the complex, multi-tool paradigm that is so prevalent in other business intelligence developer solutions. You can rapidly create and design all of your applications within a single, fully-integrated environment.

App Studio is customizable. You can add your own shortcuts using the Quick Access Toolbar. You are able to move your canvases next to one another, so that you may view and develop them, side by side. Panels can also be pinned, hidden, or moved to any position around the interface.

App Studio enables you to work in several development modes at the same time. This development environment provides access to a variety of features and modes from which you can build your applications. The modes available to you in App Studio include, but are not limited to, Report mode, Chart mode, HTML mode, and Document mode.

In addition to its native modes, App Studio invokes WebFOCUS tools, such as the Chart tool, Alert Assistant, and Reporting Objects. These tools are invoked as development modes that are contained within a canvas. This means that when you create a chart, App Studio invokes the WebFOCUS tool as a development mode on the Chart canvas.

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Terminology List

The following tables provide a reference for corresponding terms and labels that have changed between the Developer Studio and App Studio user interface.

Developer Studio

App Studio


Ribbon: tabs and groups

Main Toolbar

Home tab

Commands Toolbar

Home tab

WebFOCUS Environments Toolbar

WebFOCUS Administration menu

Report Painter toolbars

Report tab, Format tab, Data tab, Layout tab, View tab, Images tab, Field tab, Appearance tab, Active Report Options tab, Modeling tab

HTML Composer toolbars

Components tab, Controls tab, Positioning tab, Utilities tab

Document Composer toolbars

Insert tab, Positioning tab, Utilities tab

Synonym Editor

Metadata tab

Developer Studio

App Studio


Canvas or Mode

Graph Tool

Chart canvas, Chart mode

Report Painter

Report canvas, Report mode

HTML Composer

HTML canvas, HTML mode

Document Composer

Document canvas, Document mode

Synonym Editor

Metadata canvas

Developer Studio

App Studio



Developer Studio Explorer

Environments Tree panel

Procedure Viewer, Task Viewer

Procedure View panel

Properties window

Properties panel

Developer Studio

App Studio

Dialog Box

Dialog Box, Panels, Tabs, Groups

Properties and Settings dialog box

Settings panel

Report Options dialog box

Report tab, Format tab, Data tab, Style group, Field tab, Layout tab, Active Report Options tab, Modeling tab

Field Options dialog box

Report tab, Format tab, Data tab, Style group, Field tab, Layout tab, Active Report Options tab, Modeling tab, Field Properties dialog box

Properties dialog box

File/Folder Properties panel

Information Builders