WebFOCUS Reporting Server Security and User IDs

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By default, the WebFOCUS Reporting Server installed with App Studio can only be started by the user who installed it. In addition, the WebFOCUS Reporting Server is not enabled by default to run with security. For use with App Studio, this is sufficient because App Studio starts the WebFOCUS Reporting Server with security OFF. This server is used by a developer for local stand-alone development (not to be shared by other developers) and it is not licensed for group development.

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Configuring WebFOCUS Reporting Server Security and User IDs

How to:

You must configure server security if the following applies:

Procedure: How to Set Server Security and User IDs
  1. Close App Studio if it is open and ensure the WebFOCUS Reporting Server stops.
  2. Start the WebFOCUS Reporting Server with security OFF by using the Start menu and All Programs, Information Builders, WebFOCUS 81 App Studio, WebFOCUS 81 Server for App Studio, and Start Security OFF.
  3. Access the Reporting Server Console through the Windows Start menu by selecting All Programs, Information Builders, WebFOCUS 81 App Studio, WebFOCUS 81 Server for App Studio, and Web Console. You can also go to the following page in Internet Explorer:



    Is the port number of your Reporting Server.

    Note: The default Reporting Server port is 8121.

  4. At the top of the Web Console, click Access Control.

    The Change Provider page opens.

  5. On the Access Control tree, double-click Security Providers.
  6. Select OPSYS from the Primary Security provider drop-down list.
  7. Click Next. The Server Administrator ID field automatically populates your ID. Type your password in the Password field.

    Note: If your ID is not listed, type your ID and password in the appropriate fields.

  8. Click Apply and Stop Server.

    You can now start the server using the Start Security ON option through the App Studio Server program group.

  9. When prompted, click OK to restart the server.

    Note: The passwords and user IDs stored by the server must be kept in sync with those used to log on to Windows. If you change your Windows password, you must access the Server Console to change the password stored by the server.

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Running the Server as a Service With Security ON or OFF

How to:

To run the App Studio development features, you do not need to be an administrator to the local machine. However, the WebFOCUS Reporting Server must run as an administrator to the Windows machine.

To allow users who are not Windows administrators to use the WebFOCUS Reporting Server, you can configure the server service to run automatically with Windows. If you want to run it with security off, you can change the user ID it runs under as a service. Normally when the server runs as a service, it runs with security OPSYS and uses a local system administrator account that was created by Windows.

Users that did not install App Studio log on to the Windows machine and use App Studio. The WebFOCUS Reporting Server stores a list of user IDs that the server recognizes as server administrators. To start the WebFOCUS Reporting Server in any security mode, you must be logged on to Windows as a user ID that the server recognizes as an administrator. By default, the server only recognizes the user ID that was used when you install App Studio. To start the server as a different ID, you must add additional user IDs through the Reporting Server Console.

Procedure: How to Configure the Server to Run as a Service With Security OFF
  1. Open the Windows Services window and right-click WebFOCUS 81 Server for App Studio.
  2. Choose Properties.
  3. Click the Log On tab.
  4. Select This account and specify a Windows user ID and password with administrator rights to the local machine.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Click the General tab.
  7. Change the Startup type to Automatic.
  8. Click OK.