Configuring Additional Web and/or Application Servers

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This section explains how to manually configure other web and/or application servers.

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Configuring the Web Server

How to:

App Studio connectivity components and other web-based features sometimes run as part of the web server. Therefore, your web server must be told the locations of App Studio files. To enable this, you define aliases that map directories containing App Studio files to directories the web server can reference.

Procedure: How to Configure Aliases

Review your web server documentation and define the following alias:







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Configuring the Application Server

How to:

WebFOCUS Java servlets are provided as a web application installed as the following:


The web application is also provided as an expanded directory:


You can deploy either the webfocus.war file or the webfocus directory depending on your application server.

To run the servlets, you need either a web server with native servlet support, a web server with a servlet engine plug-in (for example, ServletExec), or a web application server (for example, WebSphere, WebLogic®). Servlet support must meet the J2EE 1.2 Web Container, JSP 1.1, and Servlet API 2.2 specifications.

Procedure: How to Configure the Application Server

Configuration procedures vary depending on your web server, application server, or servlet container. Review the third-party documentation for information on how to deploy web applications.

  1. Deploy the WebFOCUS web application using the ibi_apps context root:

    Doc base or location

    URL Context Path

  2. If necessary, ensure your web server can route servlet requests to the application server.
  3. If necessary, restart your web and/or application servers.

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Configuring App Studio

App Studio is supported with all web and/or application servers supported with WebFOCUS. However, App Studio settings default for Tomcat and/or IIS. Therefore, if you are not using IIS or Tomcat, be aware of the following: