Connecting to the WebFOCUS Retail Data Source

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This tutorial uses the WebFOCUS Retail sample data source. To connect to the WebFOCUS Retail data source, you must first connect to a relational database, such as a Microsoft SQL Server, by configuring an adapter.

The following procedure provides the steps you need to follow to connect to the WebFOCUS Retail data source. Before you begin, you should know which Reporting Server you plan to connect to, as well as the appropriate configuration settings for your adapter.

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Procedure: How to Connect to the WebFOCUS Retail Data Source
  1. From the WebFOCUS Administration menu on the ribbon, click Reporting Server Console.

    The Reporting Server Console opens.

  2. Click the Adapters tab.

    The navigation pane displays an expandable Adapters folder.

  3. Expand the Adapters folder and then expand the Available folder.
  4. Expand the appropriate folder group, and the specific adapter folder.
  5. Right-click an adapter name and version (if required), and click Configure.

    The Add Adapter to Configuration pane opens.

  6. Enter values for the parameters required by the adapter, and click Configure.

    Once configured, the adapter is added to the Adapters list in the navigation pane.

  7. Create a new Application Directory named ibiretail by following these steps:
    1. On the Applications tab, click New, and then click Application Directory.

      The Create New Application dialog box opens.

    2. In the Application Name text box, type ibiretail.
    3. Click OK.
  8. Right-click the ibiretail directory, point to New, and click Tutorials.

    The Create Tutorial Framework pane opens.

  9. In the Tutorials list, select WebFOCUS - Retail Demo.
  10. Complete the form using your configuration settings, and then click Create.
  11. When prompted to create the tables using these settings, click OK.

    Once the samples have loaded, you receive a completion message.

  12. Exit the Reporting Server Console.