Scorecard Views

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The following topics describe and show details of the scorecard-related views that are available in PMF.

Scorecard Matrix

The Scorecard Matrix is designed to support the actual practice of strategy determination at your site. It displays all perspectives you have prototyped in the PMF system, and the objectives for each perspective. It also shows the cross-scorecard weights for each objective. This helps you quickly display all your corporate or team objectives with their weighted importance, which will help your executive team approve your overall strategy.

To run the Scorecard Matrix, click the dashboard icon Dashboard icon on the Today page. Click Content, select CPM/BPM Practice, and then click Scorecard Matrix.

The following image shows an example of the Scorecard Matrix.

Scorecard Matrix view

There are no drill downs available from the Scorecard Matrix.

Scorecards Overview

The Scorecards Overview displays previous and current statistics for all scorecards. You can also drill down to any of the scorecards and associated perspectives. This view is particularly useful to executive level users as it summarizes achievement of all goals in a scorecard taking into account the individual weights for each objective and their related metrics. The Scorecards Overview is the only view in PMF that works across scorecards.

The following image shows an example of a Scorecards Overview.

Scorecards Summary view