Automatic Equal Weighting

How to:

PMF automatically weights the relationships of lower-level to higher-level objects throughout the strategy linking system. This speeds up the creation of Strategy objects during modeling of a new strategy.

PMF automatically weighs these relationships, by default:

You can easily turn off automatic weighting and use preferential weighting by:

Procedure: How to Disable or Enable Equal Weighting

You can enable or disable equal weighting for Scorecards, Compound Objectives/Consequences, Objectives, or Risks. You need to alter the weighting mode from the “linked-upwards” object.

  1. In the Author page, navigate to the object for which you want change the weighting mode (for example, Scorecard).

    The Edit Scorecard panel opens.

  2. Select or clear the Use Equal Weighting check box, as shown in the following image.
    Use Equal Weighting check box
  3. Click Save.
  • If you check the Use Equal Weighting check box, the Adjust Objective Weights tab is disabled because the system will take over Weighting, and will always do it equally among all linked child objects.
  • If you uncheck the Use Equal Weighting check box, you will need to reset the weights across the Scorecard whenever you link or unlink an Objective, Risk, Compound Objective or Consequence to or from the Scorecard.