PMF Overview

How to:

PMF is a WebFOCUS application that allows your enterprise to track and store metrics, aggregate these metrics into scorecards to clearly evaluate your enterprise goals, and track projects and initiatives across your enterprise. It also provides tools to help you keep the metrics updated with current data. PMF metrics are multi-dimensional in order to let you track your progress and see how your work integrates with overall enterprise strategy. PMF is a standard WebFOCUS application that runs on a WebFOCUS Reporting Server, and takes advantage of many of the capabilities of WebFOCUS.

PMF has a full suite of views that allows analysis of your organization metrics, with or without a strategic component. PMF metrics are multi-dimensional, giving you many ways to slice and dice your metrics. PMF also has structured ad hoc tools and full ad hoc capability to let you design information presentation in millions of ways. PMF data is easy to integrate with all financial, process, and operational data in your enterprise.

Procedure: How to Sign In to PMF

Note: This procedure describes how to access the default PMF sign-in window. Depending on your configuration, your sign-in window or other means of accessing PMF might be different.

  1. Navigate to the following URL to launch PMF



    Is the name provided by your administrator.

    A Performance Management Framework Login panel opens.

    Login panel
  2. Type your username and password, and click Login.

    When you first sign in, the Today page is the active page. For more information about the Today page, see Today Tab.