Creating Units of Measure Conversion Profiles

How to:

A conversion profile is a group of settings that recalculates measure actuals and targets from one unit of measure to a related unit of measure. Profiles are typically created for international unit conversion, for example, to convert from pounds to kilograms. Administrators can create conversion profiles to enable users to automatically convert their measures and refresh the values displayed in their dashboards and views.

Note: When creating a new conversion profile, make sure you select units of measure that are related. It would not make sense to convert quantities in a unit of measure like euros to those of a unit of measure like incidents.

Procedure: How to Create a Conversion Profile

  1. In the Manage page, click the Units of Measure panel button.
  2. In the Units Conversion folder, click a conversion profile.

    The Edit Units Conversion Profile panel opens.

  3. Click New.

    The New Units Conversion Profile panel opens, as shown in the following image.

    New Units Conversion Profile panel
  4. Type an appropriate name for the conversion profile in the Profile Name field box.
  5. For each existing unit of measure that you want to convert in the new profile, select the desired conversion unit of measure in the Convert to Unit drop-down menu to the right of the existing unit listed in the Unit being Converted column.
  6. In the Using Formula input area, enter the conversion formula you want PMF to use to convert each of the existing units to the desired conversion units.

    In the conversion formula, you can use an opening and closing square bracket to represent the unit being converted as shown in the image below. This allows you to just type [] instead of the actual unit name. The use of complex formulas including parentheses and multiple operations is also supported.

  7. Click Save when you have selected a conversion unit and typed a formula for each of the units being converted.

    The new conversion profile will be immediately available for end users.

Procedure: How to Assign a Conversion Profile to an Owner

You can enable owners to perform measure conversion by selecting a unit of measure conversion profile in the Edit Owner panel. To set a default conversion profile for an owner:

  1. Click the Owners panel button in the Manage page.
  2. Select the owner for whom you want to assign a conversion profile.

    The Edit Owner panel opens.

  3. In the Units Conversion Class drop-down menu, select an existing conversion profile.

    You can also select No Conversion to prevent conversions.

  4. Click Save after you make your selection.