Pointing PMF to a Different Data Mart

How to:

Before making the switch to a different data mart, you must switch to the data mart of the demo. Make sure that the backup has been restored. If it has not, use the RDBMS tools to restore the backup to a DB of the same name.

Next, point PMF at the demo by changing the SQL Server Adapter connection, called pmf_system, to point to the restored database.

Procedure: How to Switch to a Particular Data Mart

  1. Open the WebFOCUS server console. This is usually located at http://[machine-name]:8121.
  2. Click Adapters in the top-left corner. This opens a list of installed adapters that is displayed in the menu on the left, as shown in the following image. For PMF, there should be two adapters configured and one should be named pmf_system.
    Adapters list

    Note: All of the images in this section will vary depending on the version of WebFOCUS that you have installed.

  3. Double-click pmf_system. The Change Connect Parameters window, which displays all of the connection properties, opens in the main window, as shown in the following image.
    Connection parameters
  4. In the Default Database field, type in the name of the data mart you want to use with PMF. Click Configure.

    The Configuring Data Adapters page opens confirming that the connection was changed, as shown in the following image.


    The database that PMF reports off of has now been changed.

  5. The application must be resynched to the database for the switch to be complete. Log on to PMF using pmfadmin in order to re-sync the application.
  6. After logging in, the resynch message will appear automatically, as shown in the following image.

    Click Resync PMF to start the resynching process.

  7. Once the application is in sync with the data mart, you will see a message stating that PMF has been resynchronized, as seen in the following image.
    Resynchronization Complete Message

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