Installing Hotfixes

A PMF hotfix is a distributed set of fixes and will not upgrade a previous release of PMF to the current release. Before applying a hotfix, you should have a version of PMF full installed.

If PMF is not installed at your site, a complete PMF install, with this hotfix already installed, can be obtained from the IBI product download site.

In general, hotfix files are distributed in file archives. Sub-folders within these archives are arranged in the exact locations where they should be placed in the IBI application paths.

The only exception to this are for files that are located in the /basedir/pmf/app folder, which should be placed on the web server under the /ibi_apps/basedir directory, as configured for the web server.

The remaining files should be placed in their corresponding apps in /ibi/apps.

Note: In general, you should overlay files of the same name.

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