Administrators: Styling the Look and Feel of PMF

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PMF supports a central style sheet model for all aspects of views, reports, and the application User Interface. Using the Look panel, you can use global settings to allow all views, gadgets, and charts to be formatted as you desire. The global settings allow you to select:

PMF includes chart and graph styles that allow you to automatically select a look for every chart and graph in the system (all content that maps to a WebFOCUS graph from PMF content). All charts in the system are written to allow template styling. You can also define custom charting color schemes using the Look panel.

A section of the Look settings control the look and style of the user interface through different indicators, HTML style sheets, graph palettes, and WebFOCUS StyleSheet settings.

PMF skins

You can create new skins to follow any corporate standards without adversely affecting the operation of PMF.

Note: For more information on the default settings you can view and change on the Look panel, see Look Settings.

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PMF Swatching System

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The PMF style swatching system allows you to generate a color swatch for PMF, WebFOCUS content, and the WebFOCUS BI Portal, that give a consistent style to match the official style of your organization or your group preferences.

The swatch file can come from using the WebFOCUS Branding portal, or you can design your own styling in a few moments with the PMF dynamic styling panel. Once you have a style designed, you can apply it across an entire PMF tenant in seconds. PMF picks up the new style and applies it across the entire system.


Procedure: How to Use the Swatching System to Change the PMF Look
To change the look of PMF, using the swatching system:
  1. In the Manage tab, click the Settings panel button.
  2. Click the Look panel button.

    The Look settings panel opens.

  3. You can either set the new colors directly in the Background and Foreground colors fields, or select a swatch (LESS) file from the Choose a swatch drop-down menu.

    The Look settings panel has the following options:

    • Choose a swatch drop-down menu:
      • Template swatches. Swatches that ship with PMF. You can click Save As and rename the swatch, but you cannot override their settings without changing the file name.
      • Tenant swatches. Swatches that you or another user with administrator privileges created for use in PMF. Clicking Save or Save As will save the swatch file to the local area for your tenant.
    • Background colors. Refer to HTML backgrounds, such as those for panels, grids, and dashboards.
    • Foreground colors. Refer to text and borders.
  4. Click Preview once you have finished making your selections.

    A confirmation box opens.

    You can save the current state of the swatch as you are editing it by clicking Save. You can save the current settings under a new name by clicking Save As.

  5. Click Apply to apply the swatch and reformat the PMF colors. If you want to cancel the operation, click Revert.


    • After applying a new swatch to PMF, you should refresh the portal pages to remove the old style sheets and display the new colors.
    • If you created a tenant swatch, its LESS file is automatically included in any snapshots.

For more information on the swatching system, see Look Settings.

Procedure: How to Disable or Enable Chart Gradients

You can control whether PMF applies a color gradient to charts. Disabling the gradients allows you to apply a flat look to charts.

To disable or enable chart gradients:

  1. In the Manage tab, click the Settings panel button.
  2. Click the Look panel button.

    The Look settings panel opens.

  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. From the drop-down menu, select:
    • Y. Enable gradients on charts.
    • N. Disable gradients on charts.
  5. Click Save Advanced.