MR External Security (Realm Security: Setting Up a Bootstrap User)

If you have WebFOCUS MR/CUS configured for external security, also known as AKA Realm security, you would typically have the default pmfadmin user ID set up within your security system of record when installing PMF. That user ID would be attached to the MR administrator group, which is linked to the Performance Management Framework MR Domain as the default group of PMF administrators. This enables you to log in to PMF and perform basic functions to complete setup of PMF at your site.

However, if you are unwilling to set up the pmfadmin user as advised in your security system of record, you will not be able to log in to PMF and perform activities such as “bootstrap” the system to set up other users.

In this situation you can run the /apps/pmfdata/pmf_bootstrap_user.fex procedure. It is recommended that you edit this procedure before it is executed.

Running the procedure will prompt you for the following four values:



is the standard ID of the user.

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