Installation Requirements

In this section:

This topic describes prerequisites, components, and settings necessary to install PMF.

Installation Prerequisites

To install a complete PMF solution, you need the following before you start:

Installation Documentation for System Components

For each of the following WebFOCUS components, refer to the relevant Information Builders documentation.

To install and configure...

You will need this document...

WebFOCUS Reporting Server with WebFOCUS Maintain

WebFOCUS Client

ReportCaster (including Report Library)

WebFOCUS and ReportCaster Installation and Configuration manual for your platform (for example, UNIX, Windows, or z/OS).

To administer...

You will need this document...

ReportCaster (including Report Library)

ReportCaster Development and Administration

WebFOCUS Managed Reporting (including WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Dashboard)

WebFOCUS Managed Reporting Administrator's Manual

Information Builders