PMF Language Display

As of version 8.2.2, PMF has the ability to support English, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish for its user interface. You can switch PMF to display the user interface and all report column titles and headings in any of these languages. There can be only one primary language configured for PMF at this time.

Note: Japanese, Chinese, and Korean all require UTF-8.

If you change the user interface to display a language other than English, PMF runs a process to automatically change some internal data depending on the selected language. This data includes shipped versions of units of measure, content, dashboards, gadgets, time ranges, system settings, and functional roles.

The internal information that is not automatically translated when the primary language is changed includes Scorecard data, Dimension data, user-entered data, and static components such as Business Intelligence Dashboard (BID) tab titles and shipped documentation. Also, you should select your desired language at installation time, otherwise you would have to manually change BID tab titles when you change the PMF language. For documentation, you have to download and install non-English documentation for PMF.

The primary language is stored as a setting in the PMF primary data mart. It is possible to connect the application to a data mart and have PMF automatically adopt the language configured there after an automatic metadata resynch is performed (as long as the language configured is one PMF supports).

If you want user interfaces and data display to be appropriate for the language you select, you should change the primary language of your WebFOCUS environment. The WebFOCUS primary language controls BID menus, WebFOCUS tools available from BID menus, and right-click menus in the PMF trees. For more information about changing the primary language for WebFOCUS, see the WebFOCUS Security and Administration manual, and the WebFOCUS and ReportCaster Installation and Configuration manual for your platform.

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