Interoperation With WebFOCUS

Reference: Interoperation With ReportCaster

PMF interacts with ReportCaster in two ways.

  • The ReportCaster API is used to create and modify schedules. The returned object is stored in the PMF repository so that only PMF schedules appear in a users list.
  • The ReportCaster repository is also accessed using a WebFOCUS Server data adapter so that the schedules parameters can be retrieved and redisplayed to a user and the schedule can be modified.

Reference: Interoperation With the Reporting Server

The WebFOCUS Reporting Server is accessed from the WebFOCUS Client when a user runs a report or panel interactively, from ReportCaster when a schedule is executed, and from itself when a currently running report or panel executes another report.

Reference: Interoperation With Managed Reporting Users and Groups

PMF uses MR users and groups as a standard delivered authentication security, but is fully compatible with all security models that WebFOCUS supports. PMF is a WebFOCUS application and will conform to security models the same way any other WebFOCUS application conforms.

Reference: Interoperation With Managed Reporting Repository

When using WebFOCUS BID as the front end portal, or OPS using another common portal, such as SharePoint, SAP NetWeaver, or WebSphere, portal content needs to come from the MR Repository. PMF adds a domain to the MR Repository that contains content to populate the portal.

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