Installing PMF for Multi-Tenancy

How to:

The following procedure asserts some steps as best practices. Although it is possible to change them to meet your preferences, note that these best practices make follow-up work with a multi-tenant installation easier to do. For example, naming databases using a different schema (such as DB01 and DB02) works from a technical standpoint, but might result in confusion when updating the configuration at a later point. Following these steps ensures future confusion is reduced.

Multi-tenancy example

Multi-tenancy example

Multi-tenancy example

Note: The following procedure has two sample tenants. ABC Manufacturing will be named ABC and DEF Logistics will be named DEF.

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Procedure: How to Install PMF for Multi-Tenancy

Important: PMF 5.3.1 and higher are pre-configured to be the basis for a multi-tenant installation. No further changes need to be applied. For information on creating new tenants in PMF, see Creating a New Tenant.