Performance Management Framework Installation and Configuration Guide


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This manual describes how to install and configure installations of Performance Management Framework (PMF). It is divided into chapters that discuss the components of PMF, the installation and upgrade procedures for PMF, and the maintenence tasks for PMF.

How This Manual Is Organized

This manual includes the following chapters:




Understanding PMF Installations

Describes the general capabilities and components of Performance Management Framework (PMF) and WebFOCUS interoperation.


Planning Your PMF Installation

Goes through the considerations necessary to plan a PMF installation.


Performing a New PMF Installation

Provides instructions for installing PMF.


Upgrading a PMF Installation

Provides instructions on how to upgrade a PMF installation and migrating the data mart.


Confirming a PMF Installation or Upgrade

Describes how to confirm a new PMF installation or upgrade.


Maintaining a PMF Installation

The topics in this chapter provide details about maintaining a PMF installation.



Contains information needed for understanding various PMF implementation considerations.


Troubleshooting Common Issues

Helps you understand and resolve various common environmental and configuration problems that can occur while using PMF.

Documentation Conventions

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this typeface

Represents a placeholder (or variable) in syntax for a value that you or the system must supply.


Indicates a default setting.

this typeface

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Highlights a file name or command.

Key + Key

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{  }

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[  ]

Indicates a group of optional parameters. None are required, but you may select one of them. Type only the parameter in the brackets, not the brackets.


Separates mutually exclusive choices in syntax. Type one of them, not the symbol.


Indicates that you can enter a parameter multiple times. Type only the parameter, not the ellipsis points (...).


Indicates that there are (or could be) intervening or additional commands.

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