New Feature Summary

The following table indicates the new features that were introduced in Release 8.1 Version 05M.

Release 8.1 Version 05M (December 2016) Products and New Features


Enhanced Magnify XML Output to Include Word Cloud and Category Tree Data

Force Closing an Index During a Feed Process

Release 8.1 Version 05M (July 2016) Products and New Features

App Studio

Authenticating Through a Local PIV (Personal Identity Verification)

Support for WebFOCUS Environments Using SAML or CAS

Reporting Language Enhancements

Customizing the Amper Auto-Prompting Facility

WebFOCUS Chart and Graph Enhancements

Controlling the Number Formats of Tooltips and Labels


Restricting Distribution of Reports to the Report Library

Specifying Multiple Distribution Methods and Tasks in a Schedule

Unsubscribing Users From Library Reports

WebFOCUS Client Repository and Authorization Security Enhancements

Response Messages to Invalid Session Requests Issued Through the WebFOCUS RESTful Web Service API

Support for Form-Based Authentication Within Pre-Authentication

The following table indicates the new features that were introduced in Release 8.1 Version 05.

Release 8.1 Version 05 Products and New Features


Multi-selecting Files for Deletion in the Query Design Pane

Rearranging HOLD File Components

Active Technologies

Controlling the Sort Order of Filter Values in an Active Technologies Form Control

App Studio

Responsive Design Framework Add-on

Forecast Conditional Formatting

Using the Autosize Children Option

Calling a Procedure From Another Procedure Using Execute

Designing Content for Smartphones in the HTML Canvas

Saving Control Selections in a Browser Session

Previewing HTML Output Across Different Browsers

Precision Reports

Analyzing Procedures Using Impact Analysis

Short Last Modified Date Format

Reporting Language

Specifying the Sort Order in Amper Auto-Prompting Single-Select and Multi-Select Dynamic Lists

Controlling Column Title Underlining Using a StyleSheet Attribute

BI Portal

Creating Page Drill-Down Links in BI Portal

Neutral Theme

WebFOCUS Client Repository and Authorization Security Enhancements

IBI_Push_Image Setting

Run User Audit Option

New ZIP All Button Captures Traces

Release 8.1 Version 04 Products and New Features


Writing Magnify Feed Documents to Disk

BI Portal

Easy Selector

Container Defaults

Preventing Layout Changes

Showing Menu Icons

Release 8.1 Version 03 Products and New Features


New Options on the Home Tab

Color of Line Indicator in Query Design Pane Based on Theme

Addition of Calendar Feature

Support for Microsoft Excel 2007 Added to Chart and Document Mode

Implementation of Dynamic Grouping

New Indicator Line in the Query Design Pane

Addition of Field List Search Functionality

Active Technologies

Filtering an Active Technologies Report on a Dashboard Using Chained Form Controls

Viewing Data as a Chart

Creating a Heading Area With Controls Using the Dashboard Bar

Setting the ALPHA Background Color of an Active Technologies Report

Displaying the Heading in a Rollup Table

Setting the Default Filter Value for a Column on an Active Technologies Dashboard

Hiding a Report Object on an Active Technologies Dashboard

Defining Custom Styles for an Active Technologies Report or Dashboard

App Studio

Creating Visualizations

Reporting Language

Preventing Visual Overflow

Dynamically Scaling HTML Report Output

Embedded Images in Microsoft Excel (XLSX) Workbooks

Ability to Change Default Font Style for FORMAT XLSX

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation File Format (PPTX)

Using PowerPoint PPTX Display Format

WebFOCUS Client Amper Autoprompt Internal Processing

Automatically Sizing an HTML HFREEZE Report

Rolling Up Calculations on Summary Rows

Simplified Character Functions

Simplified Date and Date-Time Functions

CHECKPRIVS: Retrieving the Privilege State for the Connected User

Adding a Value Test to RESTRICT=NOPRINT

Using a SYNONYM or FOCEXEC for ACCEPT Values in a Master File

Using Multiple Prefix Operators on the Same Measure in SUBTOTAL

Validating Parameter Values Without Data File Access: REGEX

Adding DBA Restrictions to the Join Condition

Storing Localized Metadata in Language Files


Addition of Ring Pie Chart

HTML5 Charts

Nearest Neighbor Tooltip Detection

Displaying Data Text Labels on a Bubblemap

Gauge Chart Minor Grid Line Support

Support for Discrete Color Bands in Color Scales

Hiding an Extrapolated Line That Starts Before Actual Values

Annotations in HTML5 Charts

SVG Color Patterns in HTML5 Charts

Server-side Charts

Format Option for the Stack Total Value

Formatting Date and Time Values for Y-Axis Labels

Plus and Minus Marker Shapes

BI Portal

Collapsible Banner

Fluid Canvas

Creating Visualizations

Responsive Container


Distribution Server Processing Uses IBFS System

Addition of Internal Variables

Showing Only Folders with Content

Controlling the Setting of the FOCEXURL and FOCHTMLURL

Specifying Multiple Distribution Methods and Tasks in a Schedule

Creating Schedules With Parameterized Settings

Enabling or Disabling Distribution Server Traces

Setting Default Library Expiration Options

View Logs and Traces for Daily and On-Demand Log Purge and Library Expiration Jobs

Updating Global FTP Password for All Schedules

Purging Logs and Deleting Library Reports

Enabling Brief Notifications

Separate Job Queues for Each Data Server

Publishing Schedules

Group Ownership of Schedules

Encrypting and Securing ReportCaster Communications

Support for New Formats

Viewing Trace Information in the ReportCaster Console

Versioning Added for Scheduler.log Files

New View Options on the ReportCaster Explorer Toolbar

SFTP with Multi-Factor Authentication

Configuring the Default FTP Server for SSH (SFTP)

Disabling Tasks Within a Schedule

WebFOCUS Client Repository and Authorization Security Enhancements

SAML for Single Sign On Support

Centralized Validation of Product Variables

Parameter Prompting Behavior

Confirmation Message When Moving Folders

IBI_XFrameOptions Setting

IBI_Message_Detail Setting

Updating Application Settings on the Command Line