Using SFTP as a Data Source

Secure transfer of data files using DataMigrator can be done using an SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) server as a data source or target. When adding a connection for a Flat File or Delimited Flat File adapter, there is a choice of which file protocol to use: FTP or SFTP.

An SSH (Secure Shell) connection without a password should be established from the local to remote server prior to starting the DataMigrator server.

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Example: Creating a Connection to an FTP or SFTP Location

To configure a connection to an FTP server:

  1. Expand the Adapters folder, followed by the Configured folder.
  2. Right-click the Flat File or Delimited Flat File folder and click Add Connection.
  3. Enter the Connection Parameters, as shown in the following image.

    Connection parameters

    Host Name

    Name or IP address of the FTP or SFTP server.

    Initial Directory

    Directory on the FTP or SFTP server to connect to. This value is optional. If it is not specified, either of the following will be used:

    • The default initial directory.
    • The directory name entered on a synonym for a DATASET parameter value, entered with a filename, such as mydir/myfile.txt.

    User ID to connect to the FTP or SFTP server.


    Password to connect to the FTP or SFTP server.


    The file protocol that is being used, either FTP or SFTP (SSH FTP).

    Select profile

    Select the profile in which to store the CONNECTION_ATTRIBUTES command.