Deprecated Functionality List

The following Developer Studio functionality has been deprecated in App Studio due to improvements in design, workflow, and usability.



Creating Visual Discovery ActiveX Dashboards using HTML Composer

Reason: The new Visual Discovery Advanced Edition (AE) Workbench is now used to created Visual Discovery dashboards. Visual Discovery ActiveX does not contain as much functionality as the Visual Discovery AE product. When using Visual Discovery ActiveX, you can only use Internet Explorer to view these types of pages.

Notes: The Visual Discovery license for App Studio only provides the options that you need to open and edit an existing dashboard in the HTML canvas. In App Studio, you can edit existing Visual Discovery controls in the Settings panel. You cannot add new Visual Discovery controls to a dashboard in App Studio.

Maintain Development Environment

Reason: Maintain development is being integrated into App Studio as part of the HTML canvas, in a future release.

Notes: App Studio and Developer Studio can be run simultaneously. To create Maintain files, continue to use Developer Studio. To create files that are not Maintain files, use App Studio.

Text editor tab in Document Composer

Reason: Text editing should be done outside of the user interface. This is because any edits made in the Text Editor that are not supported by the user interface will produce unexpected results or errors.

Logical View

Reason: This feature is not widely used in Developer Studio.

RIA (Bindows) Themes for new HTML pages

Reason: This feature is not widely used in Developer Studio.

Notes: You can open and edit existing RIA pages in App Studio and they will be converted to use standard themes and jQuery animations. The option to create new RIA pages has been removed. Instead, you can now use jQuery Animations to animate objects on your HTML page.

Viewing FOCUS Files in App Studio

Reason: FOCUS files are not able to be edited, so they do not display when filtering the Environments Tree panel to show Master Files.

Initial Presentation for Active Reports

Reason: This was initially implemented because active reports did not work with the GRAPH command. Now that active reports work with the GRAPH command, and much more chart functionality is available, Initial Presentation is no longer needed.

Project Deployment

Reason: This feature is not widely used in Developer Studio.

Notes: Instead of using Project Deployment, we recommend creating separate WebFOCUS client configurations for Development, Test, and Production.


Reason: This feature is not widely used in Developer Studio.

Notes: Developing on a remote environment in Data Server application folders and/or Managed Reporting domain folders provides a similar organizational scheme for application content.

Select All option in Report Painter

Reason: The Select All option has been removed with the paradigm change from toolbars to the ribbon.

Notes: The functionality to select all fields in the Object Inspector still exists. In order to select all fields in the Object Inspector, you would select the first field and then Shift + click the last field.

HTML Layout Templates in HTML Composer

Reason: This feature is not widely used in Developer Studio.

Notes: Existing pages that use templates can be run and modified in App Studio.

Refresh of the Design view tab by switching to Embedded JavaScript/CSS view tab.

Reason: You can now refresh all objects on the canvas by using the Refresh All command, in the Miscellaneous group, on Utilities tab, while in the HTML canvas.

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