Using the Toggle Move Via Drag and Drop Shortcut Option

You can use the HTML canvas shortcut menu to select the Toggle move via Drag and Drop option. This option, when selected, changes the way objects are repositioned on the canvas. When Toggle move via Drag and Drop is unselected, you can left-click and drag an object to reposition it in real-time. When Toggle move via Drag and Drop is selected, you can left-click on an object and drag your cursor to where you want to position the object. While dragging the object, a small rectangle will show below your cursor. When you release the mouse button, the object will move. The object does not reposition in real-time when this option is selected. Toggle movie via Drag and Drop is unselected by default.

Note: When this option is selected, you will be unable to reorder tabs or page containers, when using the Tab, Accordion or Window components.